TOP TOP is a ceramics workshop located between Paris and Nantes. It brings together Marie, a graphic designer by training, and Lucas, who studied printed images.
Top Top is a design and production studio using ceramics as first means. We're after a poetic, sensible and colorfull esthetic. Clay is used as a crossroad gathering our different skills and cravings. Volume, photography, paint, product design, sculpture and graphic design all intertwine to get the final product. We like to evoke universal moments, tickling a feeling. Choosen memories that we froze in time.
The paintings we apply to our pieces are original creations.
For some time we gathered a personnal photograhic database of our friends, holidays, what surrounds and inspire us. From that database we extract visual elements to transform them into illustrations. We start by throwing, handbuilding or thrifting a shape to create a plaster mold. We mostly use a special sandstone that we hardtint and cast in our molds.
Each piece is painted with four hands in our workshop. The patterns are drawn with a brush with engobes.
Handbuilding is also present to create on demand pieces or bigger vessels like our big vases made through coil building. Each piece is handpainted by us two in our workshop. The patterns are painted with engobe and everything is fired for a second time at 1280 degrees. This technique allows a total protection and sustainability of the drawing. Each piece is designed to be used daily and forever.
toptop -marie yaé
You can come and meet us at 36 boulevard Joliot Curie in Nantes but we return very often to our old workshop, at 12 rue Saint Sabin in Paris. Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment :-)
We moved to Nantes in February 2022 where we are very happy! After a few adventures, we found a workshop near south Nantes :-)
36 bd Joliot Curie 44200 Nantes
Do not hesitate to contact us

Don't hesitate to reach out if you want to exhibit our work


Polo, Nantes

Klin d'oeil, Paris

Madame Miette, Dijon


DIY Art Shop, Londres

Musette Shop, Autriche

Mantel, Portland

Eat & Sip, Singapore

Creative studio & shop OOO, Japon


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